Other Projects

Just like for sports, people can be passionate about their ideas for pieces of music: excited when their ideas are heard in a performance, or disgruntled when they disagree.

This is something that everyone can do: our ideas come from living life, not from any special training.

And just like for football, I think audiences should be vocal (after the performance!) about the results.

There are two projects currently in preparation.

Classical Us

Surfing the music-space-time continuum

Can we get more from music by looking for the connections with our lives? A refreshing approach for regular concertgoers. And a way to get involved for people who want to get into classical music in their own way, based on their own experiences. All you need to get started is a life – bring yours with you!

Into the Mozart Zone

Into the Mozart Zone builds on the connections between music and life, but we also let the music take us beyond what we experience every day. For me Mozart created a sound-world that is very much drawn from life, but at the same time he gave us visions of being alive which we never experience, or perhaps only rarely. Here we involve ourselves in these visions, both in the music of Mozart and in the music of other composers.






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